14 Apr 2009

“and the world is synchronicity”

Posted by Teapots Happen

Occasionally I’d like to share music that I find appropriate and beautiful – here’s the first of em:



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2 Responses to ““and the world is synchronicity””

  1. I heard something to the effect that many of the world’s most important ideas, advances, inventions, theories, etc. spring up simultaneously around the globe at relatively the same time, seemingly without any contact between them.

    Some environments are friendlier than others for their advancement, however.

    It speaks to some kind of cosmic consciousness or some other force. Synchronicity?



  2. This just makes me want to learn the piano again, I just came to “music” for more aural delight of yours while reading the origional teapot story, and just got so involved in the music video itself!
    i really enjoy being part of the whole experience of “you” that you have created here, thank you for sharing it with me 🙂