14 Apr 2009

Synchronicity, Intuition and Intention

Posted by Teapots Happen

Thought I should mention the youtube video I came across yesterday that finally got me to get this blog rolling – Laura Bruno’s “Synchronicity, Intuition and Intention” I actually haven’t finished the series of videos yet – I’m midway through part 3 right now –  but the title alone of the talk alone really grabbed my attention, since my budding ideas about synchronicity are very much tied in with both intuition and intention.


Then when I surfed to her website and the phrase “strange and beautiful” jumped out at me from the text there, I really paid attention – this is my “favorite phrase,” and I used it in the first draft of the “teapot tale”s conclusion (this was replaced by the ” Teapots happen” conclusion in the version made public on the Action Squad website) ..

“There are things strange and beautiful in this world, mysterious things that cannot be held in any worldview, comprehended by any human mind. Once, this would have bothered me. Now, it makes me happy.” – me in 2006

While I won’t claim that the phrase being on her site or jumping out at me immediately was a synchronicity, or even a coincidence, in that moment it struck me as a signpost – and part of my journey has been learning to notice and heed such seemingly insignificant clues, those which strike my intuitive, nonrational mind as important, interesting, or just plain fun – the wavings of a “pay attention” flag.

I also love that she recommends keeping a ‘synchronicity journal,’ since that is what I’ve been doing for the last couple of years – and the purpose of this blog is to start sharing those experiences with whoever might find them, opening the doors to further connections and coincidences.


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2 Responses to “Synchronicity, Intuition and Intention”

  1. […] “You are strange and wonderful.” As I’ve mentioned on here more than once, “strange and beautiful” is my favorite phrase, and this variant was close enough for me – especially in conjunction with the image of a […]

  2. Yes! Thank you for sending me back to your blog! It’s been such an uncharacteristically and insanely busy and fun day responding to and acknowledging all the comments I’ve been getting on the “Make Yourself Visible’ virtual event I initiated Sunday night… which is going viral. https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=192368204141179#wall_posts

    I love that you’ve started this blog… and I love what you’ve written. And thanks for getting my attention directed toward Laura’s work as well.

    As I probably mentioned or alluded to in my earlier response to your blog, to me synchronous phenomena are a type of special and very subtle, intimate non-verbal ‘language’ … a way of The Universe conversing with us… with signs, portents, wonders. ‘Whispers from the Universe’.

    Sometimes it may be because we have ignored or been unaware of a series of events which potentially could have an unpleasant outcome… and we need a ‘wakeup’ call… something to jerk us out of the ‘normal, routine way of thinking’ and get us to consider ‘reality’ in a different way.

    Lately, I’ve chosen more and more to STOP almost all routine and unnecessary activities in order to stay at home and respond/obey these whispers… to see where they lead me…. as sometimes the cacophony and routine of everyday life drowns the ‘whispers’ out.

    So far, I’ve managed to fall back in love with my home and my garden… planting and propagating… and above all, admiring the amazing subtle changes that are happening in very slow motion right before my eyes.

    Part of this has been enforced because I am now on my FOURTH used engine for my Subaru Forester… and choosing not to tempt fate by putting any more miles than absolutely necessary until I can find a replacement bumper, fix it cosmetically and get it sold.

    Speaking of coincidences… no one.. not even the Subaru people … can fathom why my engine would have thrown a rod.. 3 x … in less than 6 months!

    What I got the 3rd time it happened back in December was…loud and clear… I was supposed to do what I said above… and that was to stay at home and take care of things here.

    And I did for a little while.. and loved it.

    But pretty soon, I got a bit ‘cocky” and started putting on the miles again… always ‘in search of the proverbial prize… the trophy… more.

    Not this time!

    I’m taking it real slow… and so is the Universe.

    I’m at “Let the mountain come to Mohammad”.

    As long as the mountain is not in the form of a meteor zooming in on Loafers Glory (though I once saw a shooting star fall in my garden one night… a bright light among a zillion fireflies.)

    Many years ago, my first ex-husband (I have two) Gerry, came to Miami where I was living on two separate occasions. On each of those occasions, right before he arrived, the car I was driving (one time a Datsun B-210, one time a Mazda RX-7) was stationary at a red light. I was headed north. On each occasion. the car to my right, which was making a left hand turn into the southbound lane of the road I was on was hit by the car to my left which was going straight. The result in each occasion was that the car turning left collided with the car going straght in such a way as to cause the car going straight to impact my left front fender/bumper and cause a bit of damage.

    This has never happened before or since.

    Okay, back to the Forester ‘rod throwing episodes’…

    In September of last year it happened for the first time when I was headed home to Loafers Glory from picking up the clothing I had consigned to a twice-a-year event called “SheTrade”. I made it as far as the Bethel Baptist Church’s parking lot… in the middle of nowhere… and had to wait over 4 hours for AAA to show up.

    Bethel Baptist church is the identical location where my Mitsubishi Gallant died as I was on my way to Asheville in January of 2003.

    Then, on the day the last used Forester engine threw a rod, at the beginning of this month, I was again on my way home to Loafers Glory from just having picked up the clothing I didn’t sell at the Spring SheTrade event! Thankfully, this time I chose to go home via another longer but more traveled route (I-40!).and I only had to wait 15 minutes for AAA.

    I really didn’t even want to do the SheTrade event.. and only did it half-heartedly to keep a commitment to myself.

    I’m really grateful that I did, however, because there’s a good chance that if I hadn’t , by my calculatons I would have lost the engine somewhere between Durham and Richmond, in the middle of the night, on my way to Philly to visit my son… and way out of reach of AAA and my mechanic. It was, BTW, a trip I really didn’t want to make because I was so into being at home, fixing up the house and garden.

    Now back to the Mitsubishi dying.

    It was a car that I had driven all over the northeast as an independent courier… and then to California to meet up with my daughter Ana, to visit and help her get her stuff out of storage in LA… then travel down to San Diego to visit my high school sweetheart and current lover with whom I had recently re-connected after 30 some years. (We both had tried to find each other some 5 years earlier… he even went to our high school reunion alone, thinking I would be there… while I was searching the Internet at about the same time… to no avail (this was in ’97). He was married, and had given me the indication that he wasn’t happy in his marriage.

    Prior to that, the time before last that I had seen him was when my first husband and I were in NYC for the day and were crossing Central Park West in sight of the Plaza Hotel when we ran into him… and he told us he was living at the Y and on his way to Germany as he had enlisted to avoid the draft.

    Now it’s 2002. And we’ve fallen madly in love — all over again, over the phone and via emails… and had met each other at all kinds of places… from Philadelphia to Miami to Asheville to Washington DC to San Diego.. then San Diego again … then Denver … in a mad 3 month fling… a fling that was over as quickly and precipitously as it began.

    And this is crazy.

    After meeting Ana and helping her get her things loaded onto her U Haul trailer, we spend the night in LA…. with Ana expecting to go to Tallahassee in the a.m. where she has expected to enroll in graduate film school. She has just found out that the State of Florida has put a cap of $14000 on how much grants and loans she can have, which just about covers tuition, with not much left for housing and food. My son Jason and I plan to San Diego where we were going to spend several days to sight see and see my lover (I’ll call him “L”), again.

    I wind up convincing Ana to take a detour to San Diego with me… and meet L… which she does.

    After several days, Jason and I head north up the Pacific Coast Highway… and meetup with my then husband in Mill Valley, just north of San Francisco, where he’s staying with a friend.

    Then I get a call from L, to please meet him in Denver. So leaving Jason with his dad, I drive across all of Wyoming to get to Denver and meetup wtih L. We spend a couple of days there… and wind up having dinner at the Fourth Story, which was a posh restaurant with a magnificent view of the Rockies, on the 4th floor of the Tattered Cover, a fabled book store in Denver. After a very romantic hand-holding dinner, we wander down to the 3rd floor and are browsing among a display of books right by the elevator. Suddenly L. turns white, and darts toward the opposite side of the store. I follow, and ask him ‘what’s the matter’.

    L. tells me that he has just spotted his wife’s favorite cousin, a woman who by all rights should have been back in Laguna Beach and not in Denver. Furthermore, he’s certain that she and her friends were having dinner at the same time that we were… and had spotted us.

    So this casts a definite pall on the rest of our visit… a visit which was to bring us closer than we had ever been… and yet split us apart… seemingly forever.

    I won’t go into the painful details… but the day after he flew back to San Diego, we split up… with saying “I choose S (his wife)”.

    Nonetheless, somewhere on my drive back to Loafers Glory we connected via the phone… and he told me that he was going to pay $1000 a month toward my daughter’ graduate school expenses… which he wound up doing…even though we never saw each other again until this past July in DC!

    Now I’m still on the Mitsubishi story.

    Sometime in December, L sent me a few CD’s as a Christmas present… and I sent him a present as well.

    Then silence… for several weeks.

    It was sometime in early January that my Mitsubishi died en route to Asheville… and I coasted into the parking lot of the Beth El Baptist church.

    I stayed home for a few days, trying to figure out what the heck to do.

    My friend Gwendolyn and her husband phoned and said they were stopping by to get the instruction manual for the 35″ tv I had sold them the previous year… and of course while they were there, they learned of my plight with the dead car.

    The next morning, a Saturday, around 10 a.m., Gwendolyn phoned me and said “I just got this intuitive flash while I was washing dishes… and I am certain thet L is going to phone you and offer to buy you a car”.

    I told her she was crazy… that he and I had definitely broken up… that I was not going to continue an affair with a married man who was obviously committed to his marriage… and that we hadn’t spoken in a couple of months. She insisted that she was right, and we hung up.

    About three and a half hours later, the phone range again, and the familiar voice said “Hi, this is L”.

    You could have, as the expression goes, ‘knocked me over with a feather’.

    We chatted for a bit, catching up on the news… and of course I had to tell him about the car dying. The next words out of L’s mouth were, “Let me help you buy a replacement. I’ll send you a check for $6,000 which should be enough for a down payment.”

    At this point, I screamed… and then started laughing uncontrollably…

    L. happens to be quite the skeptic… so I didn’t know he was going to take what I was about to tell him… but I did… and blurted out the whole story about what Gwendolyn had phoned me to tell me that morning.

    L. was actually quite amazed.

    Several days later, the check arrived. And on my way to Asheville to look at a 1998 Saturn 5 speed 4 door car which had just been reduced from $8,000 to $6,000… I stopped by my bank in Spruce Pine to deposit the check… and thus I wound up going a way that I typically don’t take.

    There on the side of the road, less than 3 miles from the bank, was a gorgeous burgundy car with a 4 sale sign on it.

    I did a U turn, and found out the it was a 1998 5 speed 4 door Saturn with a price tag of $4250 on it…. and only 67,000 miles.

    I proceeded on to Asheville in my rental car, and test drove their Saturn and loved it.

    So I immediately phoned the number on the 4 sale sign on the side of the road… talked the price down to $4,000 and told them I would take it.

    I drove the Saturn for over 150,000 trouble-free miles, getting close to 40 mpg on the highway… up to Chicago several times… and to Philadelphia several time… and to Maine and back once… and countless trips to Asheville and Johnson City TN and Hickory etc. So to say that I was spoiled by such a car…and to wind up with one that has given me nothing but grief rather confounds me.

    It’s fascinating this subtle language of ‘coincidence’… a language I’m only just now learning to speak.


    Jacqueline Corbett

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