22 Apr 2009

chocolate cross

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April 2006

It was the week before Easter, early to mid afternoon, and I was at Target with Kari and Tory, hanging out while they picked up something. On the way out, we were drawn into the Easter candy aisle. I decided I wanted to buy one thing, but was having trouble choosing what candy to get.

There were chocolate crosses for sale, which I thought was extremely bizarre – either taken as a religious icon or as a torture & execution device, a cross just wasn’t the kind of thing I expected to see cast in chocolate.  But there they were – two versions – one with pink flowers and one with purple.  I picked up the purple-flowered version and showed it to Tory.

But I didn’t buy it.

In fact, in the end of several minutes in the candy aisle, I was unable to choose what to buy – and actually left Target empty handed. That will probably only sound bizarre to those who know me, and know that I have a savage sugar tooth – it was odd that I’d committed to buying some candy, and then failed to do so.

Later that same evening, my friend Megh came over to watch a movie. (Megh had been a member of the atheist group I’d led in college, and I’d first put the teapot tale into words in an email to her. We’d been talking about synchronicity and the weirdness of reality constantly since then.)

Upon entering the house she told me that she had brought something for me.

It was a chocolate crucifix with purple flowers.

And better, it turned out that she’d bought the cross from the very same Target that I’d been at earlier, – it was almost certainly the very same one that I’d picked up and put back on the shelf a few hours before.


(I was unable to not eat the chocolate, so I just saved the box .)

(I was unable to not eat the chocolate, so I just saved the box .)


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  1. Another good one!


    Trish MacGregor

  2. Am trying to catch up on these previous posts, so far some really interesting stuff.

    “it was odd that I’d committed to buying some candy, and then failed to do so.”

    I think this kind of detail is important, in that you feel you committed to buying the candy but at the same time decided you shouldn’t.

    What caused that disconnect between decision and action? There must have been an exchange of information there, I think, either to or from your subconscious or the collective unconscious or whatever you want to call it.

    That kind of detail makes this so much more interesting than just saying, “oh, my friend bought me the same thing I was thinking about buying early”. It makes the “dream logic” aspect of the story more apparent…

    Did you happen to find out if your friend had bought the chocolate cross at Target before or after you’d picked it up and put it back?



  3. Just noticed I never responded to your comment – she bought it after I had been there, about two hours later.

    I liked your mention of “dream logic” – when synchronicity is really flowing, it does indeed feel like life is some kind of waking lucid dream …



  4. […] group member who I first wrote about the teapots to a month before, and who would bring me the coincidental chocolate cross about a month […]


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