9 May 2009

NYTimes synchronicity article

Posted by Teapots Happen

Dick Cavett has a fluffy article about meaningful coincidence on the New York Times website:


– the article itself is interesting, but the pages of comments are better – fascinating to see the range of reactions the notion of synchronicity gets – from hyperrationalist hostility to the most woo woo of new-agery. There are a lot of decent links and synchronicity stories in there as well.

(And I love that the very first comment is from someone who, like me, has been keeping a synchronicity journal.)


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6 Responses to “NYTimes synchronicity article”

  1. One thing I’ve noticed seems to be a common element of these happenings is a willingness to wander into the unknown.

    I’ve just posted my very first blog entry ever!


    Thanks for turning me on to this site.



  2. Email sent to NSA, and other agencies.

    This is an update to a program run by various intelligence agencies,
    including INSCOM, (army intelligence). Maj.Gen Albert N. Stubblebine,
    Commanding General, headed the project for a time. (stargate).

    The nature of “psychic relativity” – i.e., the ability of the “mind” to
    transcend space and time, has been verified by senior researchers
    at Princeton University.

    This means that an individual can pick up details of future events by
    concentrating on selected experiences which appear as ‘meaningful
    coincidences.’ In physics it’s known as “acausal connections.” (synchronicity)
    (Pauli, Jung 1950).

    The researchers at Princeton University, have verified a most unique
    coincidence which involved dreaming precognition. The dream,
    correctly interpreted indicates a coming cosmic event, (supernova). The meaningful
    coincidence was the fact that the dream symbols converted to number value
    related directly to the winning numbers drawn in the NYLottery, some
    12 hours later.

    This, and other number coincidences finally proves psychic relativity,
    and that acausal connections are a balance to cause and effect.

    Naturally this challenges most of our theories about the human mind….

    Reasonable minds can share, not demand….

    Ref: Dr. Robert G. Jahn, former Dean, School of Applied Science,
    Princeton University. (PEAR).

    New York


    Todd Laurence

  3. I find this blog very helpful and the second comment was a mind opening look at how science looks at psychic flashes.

    A car wreck in 1975 changed my view of the world and I’ve had hundreds of visions since then. My visions of future events aren’t very accurate but sometimes I hit on events with stunning detail.

    I don’t really trust these visions but find time after time I must act on them. The question I must always ask myself is what is real and what is imagination?


    Robert A Vollrath

  4. Robert – you will probably appreciate the article that came out this month in Psychiatric Annals – there’s a link to it on the right side of this blog, titled “Clinical Implications of Synchronicity and Related Phenomena.” Interesting look into how psychologists – who since the early days of Freud and Jung have been open to this kind of thing – deal with patients who experience truly bizarre coincidences, psychic dreams, visions, etc.



  5. @To Todd

    I am curious if the acausal aspects of quantum entanglement have anything to do with synchronicity.




  6. teapots happen