9 Jun 2009

June 7th Birthdays

Posted by Teapots Happen

Coincidentally, Sunday June 7th was the birthday of:

– my maternal grandmother
– my good friend Jacque
– Jacque’s good friend Rebekah’s father
– Jacque & Rebekah’s good friend Cantew’s 1 year-old baby

I don’t make much of it, but someone who is into astrology might!*

(Although I also don’t totally dismiss the coincidence, which is why I grudgingly added it in here …. it’s pretty hard to completely write off any coincidence these days – and of course Jacque was with me during my mystical experience in California, Rebekah was there for the teapots and dominos, my grandmother sent me the Little Prince book …. no coincidences with Cantew or her baby. Yet anyway! lol)

* edit: it turns out this is also the birthday of Trish MacGregor – who is working on a book about synchronicity that may include some of my stories in it – and who is a professional astrologer. I had no idea that it was her birthday when I threw in the line about “someone who is into astrology.” Figures, doesn’t it?


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4 Responses to “June 7th Birthdays”

  1. I’m just going to stick this on here – am IMing with Jacque right now – she just got back from fighting a speeding ticket in St Paul traffic court.

    She didn’t get it dropped, but got it reduced – from $141 to $91 – the exact amount of cash she’d scraped together to bring with her.



  2. You forgot one. Trish’s b-day is also June 7.


    trish macgregor

  3. That’s friggin PERFECT. Wow, since she’s also an astrologer, maybe she can tell me what to make of all these June 7 people! (I’d pretty much asked for such in the post!)



  4. OK, so get the birth times and birth places, for these june 7 folks. I’ll take an astrological look.


    trish macgregor