14 Jun 2009

pirate ship, a la Goonies

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March 26, 2006

In my Max Action alter ego, I am often asked why I love exploring tunnels and caves and abandoned buildings so darn much.  When you have to answer the same question a lot, you develop short, snappy answers.

Action Squad crest / tattoo w Goonies quote

Since the Goonies was a hugely influential movie in my boyhood, one such quick rationale that I often used was that Action Squad is trying to find a pirate ship:


letter to the City Pages editor, Oct 2001

letter to the City Pages editor, Oct 2001

(In case you’re some kind of weirdo who has never seen the movie: the Goonies – a group of misfit kids – discover some ancient tunnels that lead to a cave containing a lost pirate ship full of treasure.)


"it's our time down here!"

Well, it took several years, but I finally found my pirate ship booty; in the wake of the Teapots, while exploring with Megh (the former college atheist group member who I first wrote about the teapots to a month before, and who would bring me the coincidental chocolate cross about a month later).


hauling booty back to the car (click for closeup)


Found buried behind a pile of debris in a vacant industrial building in Saint Paul, the wooden ship was huge, handmade, ornate, and of unknown antiquity.


True, it was discovered hidden in an abandoned building, and not underground as I’d expected – but regardless of such details, finally finding my pirate ship while urban adventuring really made my day … especially since Megh and I had been constantly talking about coincidences and synchronicity for the past couple of weeks.

Synchronicity, coincidence, the power of repetition of stated intent? I don’t even care – I’ll just call it “awesome.”

Skull & Crossbones


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7 Responses to “pirate ship, a la Goonies”

  1. Holy crap, that is awesome!!



  2. Almost forgot – Goonies is playing this week, June 17th, at Hiawatha Park (4305 42nd St. E) as part of the Mpls Park and Rec “Movies in the Park”.



  3. sweet, thanks for the heads up …



  4. I am reeling with dropped jaw and bulging eyeballs staring at the screen. That ship is so beautiful, and you did find it underground if it was buried. **Do** tell more of the story of unearthing this treasure! And drop Trish and Rob a line so they can include the sync story at their site! You must have trembled just a little as you wrested it from its grave?



  5. To be honest, at that point I was feeling so “in the flow” that I was grateful but hardly even surprised … many of my coincidences seem to happen in such a state – where I’m not even surprised by it, just happy to be coinci-dancing … also, maybe “buried” was a little overstated – it was behind and beneath stuff, but not actually down in the soil.



  6. That’s a crazy find! Wow.


    noise bursts

  7. Hello!

    Amazing pirateship that you have built. Could you please send a respond to my email so i can get your adress and send you a buissness proposition? Once again, awesome ship!

    Best regards

    VFX supervisor


    Michael Bengtsson