15 Jun 2009

Don’t Stop Believing

Posted by Teapots Happen

I wasn’t going to add this, but then the allure of back-to-back 80’s pop culture posts changed my mind …

Saturday night I went out to a birthday party with Becky. We had parked the car and were walking to the party when Becky gasped happily – having spotted a piece of graffiti that warmed her heart:

don’t stop believing

I took a photo with my crappy cellphone camera and we continued onto the party in good spirits.

We arrived amidst some drama – a female friend of the birthday girl had brought her jerky boyfriend with, and no one liked him or the way he treated his girlfriend – and the host of the party had just let him know it.

This led me to ruminate a bit about the differences between when Becky and I had dated years ago and our relationship now … and how I was glad to be in a place where her friends didn’t regard me with justified suspicion.


Waking up the next morning, we talked a bit about the differences between then and now, and the conversation about our younger, punker, dumber days turned to reminiscing about the night Becky and I had first met – she told me that with the facial hair I’d had at the time, I’d reminded her of Wolverine, from the X-men movie.

Still laughing about the idea of me as Wolverine and Becky as Jean Grey (she has the same color hair), I went over to the computer, wanting to check to see what the day’s weather was gong to be like.

We both still had “Don’t Stop Believing” in mind from the night before, because just as I pulled up my iTunes to find the song, Becky requested I play it.

But I didn’t have it somehow. Becky suggested I download it – but I wanted a quicker fix, so I went to Google and typed in “youtube dont stop believing.”


We we both quite entertained when I clicked on the #1 result (which gave no indication in Google of its apt content*) – and saw that the video perfectly synched up with our morning’s discussion – not just the characters, but even the couple lines of dialogue that were allowed to come through the song …

*the video creator added “xmen” to the title months after this occurred)


Jean Grey: Girls flirt with the dangerous guy, they don’t bring him home; they marry the good guy.

Wolverine: I can be the good guy.

Jean Grey: Logan, the good guy sticks around.



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9 Responses to “Don’t Stop Believing”

  1. teapotshappen

  2. Great story!


    trish macgregor

  3. Wow. love it!



  4. i met the second lead singer of Journey in the L.A. VA the day before i departed the country… richard something or other….

    other than that

    love conquers all


    jessica nicole davis

  5. This is a great website. Have been checking out as many synchronicity/coincidence sites I can find and this one might be the cutest (I mean that in a good way). Have had a big run of something happening in the past two weeks. I would say I’ve always been a mild believer in the meaning of synchronistic events but now I’m getting freaked out.

    I submitted a fictional story to X last week. About 5 days before the submission, major elements of the story started popping up in my everday life. I now have a list of 30. 5 of which are completely unbelievable, 15 more are freaky, and the other 10 are prob just from my heightened awareness.

    One of them was the puppy from England rescued from the sewer pipe. Okay, my puppy was rescued from a well but he’s on TV in the story too. Now, when does a puppy story end up on the Today show? The last big one was yesterday, when I went with a friend to his doctors appt (so I did not determine the time or place) and ended up sitting next to an elderly woman who pulled out knitting. It’s probably been 10 years or more since I’ve been in a room with someone knitting. and yes, one of the major characters is an elderly woman who knits 3 times in the story.



  6. I just stumbled on your blog whilst looking for other stories on synchronicity – these seem to have been coming thick and fast for me since just before the solstice. Not only do you have some great stories on here, there are some interesting links too, and I particularly like the fact that you achieve balance by featuring skepticism links too ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m writing more stuff about synchronicities today, so if it’s ok, I’d like to add a link to your blog.


    The Empathic Guide

  7. glad you like it, it’s a weird balance to strike between my extremely rationalist and extremely mystical tendencies … I do lean/yearn more toward the latter, but that very bias makes my rationalist side all the more suspicious of all this … part of what I’m hoping to do with this blog is achieve some kind of integration/truce state between these extremes. I actually think that it is rational to accept that at least some of these coincidences are indeed indicative of forces/connections at work that cannot be accounted for by any scientific materialist framework yet devised.

    (Besides, I think it is rational to live as though such things as synchronicity, manifested intention, and meaning are possible, probable, and even real – even if they in fact weren’t!)

    And yet part of my brain is so concerned about looking like an idiot believing in woo woo nonsense that it ignores what both intuition and reason have to say, and periodically clamps me down into self skepticism. Starting this blog felt like “coming out of the closet” for me, I think it will be useful in nailing the coffin shut on knee-jerk fundamentalist rationalism once and for all. “don’t stop believing,” indeed …

    Well, it’s an interesting tug of war, and I’m enjoying it!

    Anyway, coffee was strong here today, I ramble … would love to be linked from your blog, looking forward to reading about your experiences and perspectives on this stuff …



  8. […] – and then remembered something else -earlier that very morning, someone had commented on my ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ post, and I’d responded with a long ramble that was on the exact same topic: itโ€™s a weird […]

  9. Wow! I just happened across your blog today. I’m very much enjoying your posts… But this one put me in awe. Yesterday I saw a picture of that stop sign! Don’t stop believing is sorta a mantra if mine. Now even more so. I feel like I’m on MY path again. Thank you.