4 Aug 2009

“That is magic.”

Posted by Teapots Happen


“We have to learn to deal with things we can’t explain. This is the way of thinking I call “magic.” Magic is the art of handling situations which in principle you cannot explain. You live in a world which is inexplicable, and you yourself are inexplicable, and you find the art to worm your way through that incredible puzzle. That is magic.”

Heinz von Foerster


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2 Responses to ““That is magic.””

  1. simon from Caly says, they claim it is reallly bizarre that the universe is so perfect that life exists, I was thinking that it would be much more improbable that it wasn’t perfect and we still existed. The mysteriies are what they are because they are kepted that way, otherwise there would be no mystery.



  2. Keats called it negative capability.