15 Sep 2009

falling cell phones

Posted by Teapots Happen

fall 2007

In 2007 I was beseiged by several synchronicities involving my new friend Emilie. Many of them were pretty minor – like her best friend Paddy and I both having a single decoration on our car’s dashboards – a dragonfly – and both having human teeth rattling around in our cars (it’s a long story). Some coincidences were more eyebrow raising – like the glass insulator incident I posted about previously.

Anyway, the very first time I ever hung out with Emilie was marked by a synchronicity.

We were in her minivan with her other best friend/sidekick “Little Emily,” on our way to explore some caves in Saint Paul.

We stopped at a station for gas, and all got out of the van – me from the front passenger seat, Little Emily from the rear passenger seat.

When I stood up, I heard a clatter from the ground at my feet – I had dropped my cellphone. As I bent over to pick it up, I saw that Little Emily was doing the same thing next to me.

Straightening up, I looked over to see that she’d also dropped her cellphone as she got out of the car – I hadn’t heard the sound, because it had hit the ground at the exact same moment mine had.

We laughed – and then realized that we had the exact same phone … and laughed some more – but with a good amount of “WTF” thrown in this time.


Same phone – not so weird.

Finding out that we had the same phone because we’d both forgotten them on our laps and dropped them at the same time – downright interesting.


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One Response to “falling cell phones”

  1. Good one!

    Phones are about communication – connections – and synchronicity often alerts us to awareness of connections. Interesting also that both friends had the same name – at least pronounced the same. More connection and awareness.


    Rob MacGregor