25 Oct 2009

Synchronicity Round-Up I

Posted by Teapots Happen

First a note: I added a new page to the blog – a timeline of the various synchronicities and coincidences, which I think helps put them in more of a context – check it out here.

Trying something new – every week or four, I’ll post a Roundup of blogs, articles, discussions, and videos about synchronicity, coincidences, mystical experiences, etc … anything I come across that seems interesting or relevant enough to share, I’ll add it to the next round-up. I’ll try to capture a variety of perspectives …

  • ‘Synchro-skepticism’ – forum discussion
    Last week I decided to go see what the hardcore ‘skeptic’ community had to say about synchronicity – and when I visited the James Randi Foundation forum, expecting to use the Search function to dig up some posts on the subject, I was amused to see that the top thread at the moment was titled “How do you guys explain really bizarre cases of synchronicity?”  So I took it as a ‘sign’ that I should post my teapot story there … predictably, hijinks ensue.
  • Coincidence or synchronicity? (Linkedin Answers)
    “Questions: Do you believe unusual connections are coincidence or synchronicity? What types of experiences like this have you had? Did they change your philosophy on life or your frameworks for understanding existence”
  • Synchronicity: Is the Universe trying to get your attention?
    “Synchronicities and so-called coincidences are clear signs that the Divine Source is knocking at your door. “
  • Nicolas Knutsen on Synchronicity
    To me it’s obvious that the workings of synchronicity (or magic) are such that reality wouldn’t be as it is without it. Reality is defined by synchronicity (among other factors). Synchronicity is at least essential to the underlying ‘patterns’ or ‘laws’ that define reality. “
  • Synchronicity: a Wink from the Cosmos
    “There’s something about turning one’s choices over to intuition  that seems to avail oneself to synchronicity.”


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4 Responses to “Synchronicity Round-Up I”

  1. >> The only book which is all about synchronicity that I know of, is of course the original by C.G. Jung, “Synchronicity – An Acausal Connecting Principle”. Jung was the one that created the word and also the theory on synchronicity. – Nicolas Knutsen

    For being a smart guy, he doesn’t seem very well read on synchronicity.


    Rob MacGregor

  2. lol, how did I miss that? (I may have skimmed that one a bit due to the terrible page formatting, I must admit) … he does bring a different-than-usual angle to the subject at least!


    teapots happen

  3. Those definitions of synchronicity on LinkedIn (which I read cause I thought they’d be funny), are based on “a recent Brian Greene lecture on “The Elegant Universe”.

    Just saw a woman on the subway this morning reading that book. Didn’t speak with her, but she did stick the book strangely close to my face. For some reason it stuck in my head all the way through the morning.

    Now I know why. Thanks.



  4. I am fascinated by synchronicity and the messages from spirit in these ‘coincidences’. Just blogged about it today, in fact!

    – Lindsay