21 Jul 2009

the Nines (movie)

Posted by Teapots Happen

Saw a movie last night that was really interesting, I had no idea at all what to expect, had never seen a trailer, read a review, anything. I recommend you try it that way too …

It is not what you think it’ll be … I hear it’s on Netflix if you use that, or grab a torrent. Not my favorite movie or anything, but certainly worthwhile and thought-provoking – and a movie you’ll need to watch twice to really appreciate. Deals with a lot of “coincidences” and what they might indicate about reality …

Plus, while watching it,  had more than one coincidence myself … for example, we paused the movie at one point to take a break – couple people smoked outside, I went upstairs to use the bathroom – where I suddenly decided I should brush my teeth. Slightly odd, since I don’t usually do that until just before bed. When I came back and we resumed the movie, the next scene featured a main character (who shared my unusual first name) brushing his teeth – and using an electric toothbrush, just as I had.

It doesn’t sound like much, but it was notable, especially in the context of that movie.

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3 Responses to “the Nines (movie)”

  1. Will check it out!


    Trish MacGregor

  2. I will definitely have to check it out…I have netflix and love it…was wanting to update my queue anyway.

    I apologize for not coming around so much. I am in the mood for a good sychronicity…I feel I am due. For awhile there they were non-stop.

    I think I will spend some time here reading your blog…it looks great.


    Merely Me

  3. cool review of the NINES


    a must read given your interests,


    Mike Clelland

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