22 Dec 2013

Seven Years of Synchronicity

Posted by Teapots Happen

This January, it will have been seven years since “teapots happened.”

And this January, I’m launching a new life – a joyful leap of faith made possible entirely upon the lessons that synchronicity has taught me, from the teapots onward.

I am following intuition, flow, and coincidence into transformation – a major metamorphosis in my life.

My energy has been occupied by this transition for several months now, so I didn’t write down or blog here about the many synchronistic smiles, winks, and nudges the ‘universe’ provided me along the way – there were a few real good ones in there, but I found myself reluctant to write about them for some time now – with the intuition that my focus should now be sliding past the coincidences themselves, and to the bigger picture that they bring into visibility.

So I stopped paying as much attention to each case, and let the larger lesson sink in. OK, so this is how the world works. Literally awesome! So now what?

What does intuition tell me, and where does “surfing it” lead me?

Well, so far, so good; last month I quit my well-paying job in internet marketing, and got married – to the very gal that I brought the first teapot to in the thrift store, asking her to help me make sense of my irrational, intuitive attraction to it.

teapots happening at the wedding

Kristin & Gabe Sehr


On the first day of the new year I’m moving out of the urban house I’ve lived in for 17 years –Β to make a Living on a small organic farm in the woods, with my wonderful wife and our dogs.

But first, Kristin, Cleo, Widget and I are taking a two-month roadtrip/working honeymoon, all the way to the southernmost port of Florida, working at three different organic farms along the way. Letting go of old patterns, sinking into the new rhythms and possibilities.

After 2 months of that journey, we’ll return to the north – moving into the off-grid travel trailer on the farm we’ve been building up for the past three years together.

We’ll be doing a small organic CSA, selling produce and preserved edibles at farmer’s markets, experimenting with aquaponics, vermiculture, hugelkultur, mushroom growing, and wood heat for living space, greenhouses, and cooking.

Rollo-home Sweet Home

I have no anxiety although we have no business plan. I have no fear although we have no idea exactly how thing will go, what will work, what will fail, or where this will take me in a year, or two, or ten. My mantra is “surf it,” and our farm is named after the famous saying “que sera, sera” – whatever will be, will be. I have faith that whatever the unknowable future will bring, it will be something good, something we will grow by experiencing. I have faith in both our ability to make whatever happens into something awesome, and in the amazing support system all around us – from family and friends to the soil and the land and life itself.

It’s a grand adventure – an exploration of living life in accordance with everything that I’ve worked out over the years – the coinci-dancing lessons I’ve mulled over throughout this blog.

Thanks for joining me throughout this journal of my metamorphosis! I won’t say this blog is done, but I reckon that going forward I’ll be primarily blogging at the Que Sehra Farm website …

… and I just posted a tale of synchronicity there, Β check it out!


serendipitous storage solution synchronicities

“serendipitous storage solution synchronicities”

– Love!

Gabe Sehr (nee Carlson, nee Max Action)

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6 Responses to “Seven Years of Synchronicity”

  1. envious!!,,, mostly of the love…… not sure my mind would gear down happily


    blah blah

  2. heh, don’t worry about that … the gearing will be different but by no means “down!” SO much to learn, plan, and master in running an organic farm – especially trying to make a living doing so!


    Teapots Happen

  3. Wow! Congratulations! What an intriguing journey! Happy holidays and happy new life to you!



  4. I admire your spontaneity and willingness to actively change your life – quitting a well paying job from having a college degree in order to transition into what is essentially “living off the land” is quite courageous. Though I am only in college now, I hope that if one day I find myself disliking my lifestyle, I seek change, much like you seem to have done.



  5. Gabe and Kristin,

    I’m not sure if you got my post on your new website: if not, then I’ll repeat a synchronicity that’s positively gigantic and whopper-sized!!!
    You had better sit down for this one.
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    You 2 are now living (I think 30 minutes away) from where my synchronicitous soulmate Jeff and I happily lived and worked for 6 years near, on, and in the St. Croix River, just after we married!!! We lived in a farmhouse on the outskirts of Osceola and Dresser, WI! Email us if you’d like to know where!!!

    Congratulations on your marriage,
    soulmates DO exist, and happy Valentines Day!

    We’re so inspired by your new life together: I know I haven’t told you this but I’ve been an organic gardener for 6 years in Harper’s Ferry, WV! Jeff works as a Park Ranger for Harper’s Ferry National Historic Park! We love it here, but some of our fondest memories come from where you are beginning your new life!

    Stop in at the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway office and say hello and big big hugs to all our oldest and dearest friends and colleagues!
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    This is no joke, the Universe really is having a big giant belly laugh on us all!!!
    What absolutely floors me is that I only encountered your site after a random search on google for my own synchronicitous rubber ducks…

    How’s that for total bizarreness????!!!!!
    Know that from all the interconnectedness that is Life: we’ll all meet again some sunny day!!!
    Hugs and hello to everyone! πŸ™‚

    And here are a couple of Valentine’s Day songs:
    Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, singing Somewhere over the Rainbow
    and Love and Rockets, the Kundalini Express

    Sharon and Jeff Woods******


    Sharon Woods

  6. I missed this final post on your blog until just now. I got nostalgic for your stories today and came back to see if you’d posted since the trident. Looks like you guys came through Iowa on your big honeymoon–I’m sad we didn’t bump into eachother synchronistically. You are living my dream. I will check out your new website. Stay Gold.