28 Oct 2012

the pin – yet more thrift store magic

Posted by Teapots Happen

Today four of us went to the thrift store for the first time in many months. On the way there, discussing the pros and cons of different store options,  I loudly declared that I was going to find another magic teapot. I guess I had no expectation that I really was going to find a teapot, but maybe was hoping that I’d find something serendipitous and synchronistic – thrift stores are often good for that, with their dense assortment of randomness.

I’d already forgotten my pronouncement by the time we arrived, but still headed to the kitchen section first, thinking that my girlfriend Kristin might want to browse for something useful for her canning/cooking/pickling.

Of course, that was the section were teapots are found, and where I’d bought one of the original two that this blog is named for … but …

Before I could even start down the kitchen aisle, Kristin suggested that we head down further to look at the furniture. So we did. We ‘d been in the store for maybe three minutes when she pointed out the first item of interest – a series of square boards connected by strapping, to be used as some kind of hanging shelf unit.

When Kristin pulled it off the shelf to examine it, letting it hang down to the floor, I happened to notice the back of a pin on one of the straps. There was just one – somebody had once stuck a single decorative pin into the strapping. But the way it was hanging, I couldn’t see the front of it.

After asking her a few times what it was (she had no idea what I was referring to) I managed to get hold of the strap, and twist it around so we could both see … the silvery teapot shining there.



teapot pin


We both started laughing, moreso when we remembered that I’d actually announced that I was going to find a magic teapot today.

Needless to say, that alone made the entire trip more than worthwhile. I didn’t even look very hard for anything else, since I’d found what I’d been looking for, right off the bat – yet another wink, another nudge, another confirmation of all the weird and seemingly irrational things I’ve found myself increasingly daring to believe since my mystical experience 7 years ago.


So thanks again for the reminder:  Teapots Happen. I’m still not sure what it means … but it certainly makes things a lot more interesting.


PS – oh! I forgot to mention something  –

My current girlfriend Kristin was one of the friends I was with at the thrift store when I’d found the first of my two teapots, back in 2006. In fact, she was the main person I kept coming up to, trying to understand why I was so compelled to buy the rather utilitarian-looking but nonfunctional teapot.

Unique Thrift - teapot synchronicity HQ

(She’d quite sensibly advised me not to buy it, but I did anyway.)

So, it was an extra awesome synchronicity to not only accidentally find a teapot after declaring my intention to do so – but to find it with her, stuck onto an object she’d chosen … and at a Unique Thrift Store, just like 2006.



(if you’re new to the blog and don’t understand why the heck a thrift store teapot pin makes for an interesting coincidence, read this: https://teapotshappen.com/about/ )


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5 Responses to “the pin – yet more thrift store magic”

  1. Glad to hear teapots are still happening for you!


    jane allen

  2. W-o-w-w-w-w!

    The universe is holding a conversation with you.



  3. Wow! It looks magical! I have an assortment of meaningful items that I’ve become downright superstitous over…my Venuses: one Cycladic earth blue stone Venus and one Willendorf Venus, carved of bone and white. Tiny totem sized carvings like your teapot. Both came to me synchronicitously, are under $10 but have the deepest of meanings to me.

    We had a funny cosmic wink just recently!
    I call it the “Skyfall” Synchronicity!

    Driving through a beautiful park full of fall’s fabulous splendor, we turned on the radio to hear the premier of Adele’s new James Bond theme, titled “Skyfall.” The music blended quirkily with the shining gold and orange landscape. We drove slowly, matching our car to the music, stopping to look at 50 white turkeys, and noting exactly where the music began and ended, which we both agreed would be an instant classic.

    Imagine our surprise: the 2nd radio play in which we heard Adele’s song? 2 days later on a completely different radio station, and down to exactly the same bend in the road and white turkeys, EXACTLY the same stretch of road!

    It’s significant to note that on that very night, Adele announced the birth of her son!


    sharon woods

  4. can I track a motha down while droppin’ the thump beat on a fly sicilian pizza?


    totes mcgee

  5. That was a brilliant case of synchronicity on demand! I also play with “placing orders” on a whim, and they have always(!!!) been fulfilled – 100% of success (so far)! I have amazing accounts of such manifestations. They give me a pleasant feeling that “Somebody” (God?) plays with me. And consider the sense of humor of the Player! He is witty!