12 May 2009

She’s Having my Baby!?

Posted by Teapots Happen


Sunday, for Mother’s Day, my girlfriend Becky drove to Iowa to visit her grandmother with her mom. They put her iPod on the car stereo and hit Shuffle, with Becky warning her mom and brother that some really weird random stuff is on there, and anything might come on – including a lurking landmine: the amazingly schlocktastic 70’s tune “She’s Having My Baby,” which I had mischievously put on there for her to stumble across some months ago.

The first song ended, and when the very next song started, Becky and her Mom broke into a twin scream immediately. Her younger brother had to wait for the lyrics to find out what they were screaming about – but of course you can guess:


Soooo … mere coincidence, or she somehow made the song come on, or she somehow knew it was going to come on, or a ghost is in the machine, or … hey wait a minute, that iPod better not know something I don’t ….




I’ll get back to work on the back-stories soon, been busy with a transformation to my home – knocking down some limiting walls and letting a lot more light in … metaphorical with a sledgehammer.


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No Responses to “She’s Having my Baby!?”

  1. The magic will begin for you soon.

    Only having a child can bring this magic to you.

    How wonderful for you and Becky:)


    Robert A Vollrath

  2. I think Becky would prefer to write this one off as a mere coincidence lol – or maybe her magically knowing that song would come on. 🙂



  3. in any event, she had an IUD put in today, so the odds are against this one …