2 Jun 2009

Kelly Sue

Posted by Teapots Happen

I was just outside at my job, killing some time waiting for our internet connection to get fixed. My friends Jake and Jacque stopped by to pick up some print outs I had for them (images for Jake’s forthcoming Ouruboros tattoo).

We chatted about some stuff, and the topic of synchronicity came up. Jake pointed out that when you think about it, have it in mind, it seems to make it happen more often. Then they left and Workman and I came back inside, where the net was still down.

So I walked down to a coworkers office – she was just wrapping up a phone call as I approached. For some reason I found myself singsonging her first and middle name – “Keeelly Suuue” – and she looked at me strangely as I walked through the door.

“Did you hear us talking?” she asked.


Turned out that while I’d been out back (far out of any potential earshot), her and her friend had been talking about her country-bumpkin sounding middle name. I don’t think I’ve ever called her by it before, and I didn’t even really know I knew it until I heard myself saying it.

Good times!


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