26 Jun 2009

cultivating randomness & trusting intuition

Posted by Teapots Happen

I just got back from an aimless cruise with my friends Dan & Cleo the dog, enjoying the sunshine and beauty, down east Lake Street, across the river, and up into some cool old industrial/residential part of Saint Paul that I didn’t recognize.

I don’t know how I decided when to keep going and when to turn, the car and the road just worked together, without any input from me.

Good music, good vibes, no place to go.


Finally, Dan asked me where the hell we were.  I looked around a bit and told him I had no idea – in fact, I didn’t think I’d ever seen this road in my life.

On reflection, I added, “well, I suppose I probably have – I’ve lived in the (Twin) Cities for over thirty years. But I don’t remember it.

This started me thinking – about the synchronicity thing – about how “being in the flow,” and opening myself up to randomness and intuition seemed to bring about synchronicities, and how other people often experienced the same thing. About how hard it sometimes was to just let go and go forth without thought or planning, and about how I’d managed to successfully do it just then – because I really had no idea where we were or even where we were in relation to anything else.

I looked around at the vine-covered houses and run down industrial buildings, saw a road sign for the street we were cruising down – it sounded familiar, but I couldn’t place it.

On the right, I saw an cool old green building that rang a bell, and pulled me out of my musings about flow and synchronicity – hadn’t I just seen that place recently?

Before I could figure out when I recognized it from, my cellphone vibrated in my lap – it was Emilie. She was calling to suggest that we go cruise around, but use her car (since it had AC, unlike my old black beast).

I told her the name of the street we were on and she said “yeah, that’s a good road,” laughing.

Then I remembered – this was a road she and I had driven down a couple of months ago together, while randomly cruising around, checking out vacant buildings – she’d been driving, and we’d talked about how we might sneak into that green building – shortly before we saw a vastly bigger and more abandoned structure just down the road.

(While we talked, that building slowly slid past.)

~ — ~

This was not the first time this kind of coincidence happened with Emilie and I – I think it was last spring when I took a carload of us (me, Emilie, Workman, and Ron) out ‘randoming’ one evening – we left town in a random direction, with no discussion of where we were going. I wound up taking us to the same obscure, out of the way park down near Hastings that she had spent her lunchbreak at that day.

It was the first time I’d ever seen it, and that lunchtime had been her first time there. She’d told me via IM that afternoon that she’d randomed into some park with the remains of a cleaned deer on the edge of the parking lot – but I had no idea where she was talking about (I’d pictured her over in Burnsville for some reason).

And while neither of these random-driving coincidences imparted some kind of cosmic message, they do mean quite a bit to me.

They seem to indicate that when we let go of trying to consciously predetermine our course, we are not by any means rudderless. Something – whether you conceive of it as the universe, god, the subconscious, the psychic soul, whatever – can take the wheel and bring us where we want to be – in my case, laughter, love for this reality, a feeling of profound connectedness was all I really hoped for from the afternoon cruise, and that’s what I got.

Because I love it when it feels like the universe is winking at itself, at me, at myself. When I feel connected, when the boundaries swing open and possibility opens up wide.

Like orgasm – not be something I really want or need to feel constantly –  but I sure think life is better when it is experienced, hopefully frequently, throughout life. Like vitamin D – it’s good for you, and too many people today don’t get enough of it.


OK, I’m not going to go into this topic too much or try to justify it, or explain it fully all at a go.

But I did want to put this out there quick while it was on my mind: if you want to experience synchronicity for yourself, for whatever reason, one vital piece – perhaps neither necessary nor sufficient, but vital – seems to be the willingness and ability to experience the world as directly as possible, not from within usual frameworks of plans and timelines. To trust randomness. To have faith in your intuition – it’s a well-honed machine, far older than mankind, far deeper than our meager analytical abilities … tap into it and be rewarded.

The more you open up to what is really around you, right now, and pay attention to it instead of the ideas of it you hold, abstracted, in your head, the more able you’ll be to coinci-dance.

I recommend it.

~ — ~

Hip-Hop PS:

These three ‘automotivesque’ Gift of Gab songs came to mind when I reread the post above – they aren’t my favorite songs from him or his group (Blackalicious) but they’re the most apt:


[Gift of Gab]
It’s automatic
sporadic movements on the brake
The moment’s magic the last thing that I should do is think
A burst of energy that hints there really is no time
At birth you start to think that after death back to no mind
A rest that makes you new again now you embrace the planet
And stand in awe of all the thing you daily took for granted
The trees are posin’ all unique in form make this perfection
The most important time is now tomorrow’s a projection
A co-creator if you only just believe in that
Right here today inside is where I find my freedom at
It’s automatique
Its simple as a lyric from my soul to yours as felt
I didn’t write this I just let the pen move by itself
It’s art-o-matic

[Natalie of Floetry]
So blessed we rest in a space over-standin’
This breath’s so unique we must trace where we landed
Magnetizin’ mirror tracks is subliminal
So fiendn to the evidence is evident I’m bein’ true
True to the moment the channelin’ the callin’
True to the heartbeat the passion and the formin’
This rollercoaster’s the one I stood in line for
Hands in the air these upside downs here are paid for
Make this relevant and here what you gotta hear
I’m recordin’ all the secrets of my silent shed
Don’t think about it just absorb everything you taste
If it set you free you gonna find the ways
You’re who you gonna be unless you choose otherwise
If you let it flow the universe will empathize
Check your programs they monitorin’ your sanity
Now close your eyes inside you find the clarity
It’s automatic!

Free your body know this ought to be open
Then lose control just let it happen then
Live at it and set it
Move again your clarity start to assume again
I know this one twist will feel it in
You think you don’t know the engine (???)
But it’s so automatic
So so so automatic

[Gift of Gab]
It’s automa-tive, beyond the common logic native
Beyond the ball around my drama now I’m divin’ waitin
So stop and wait this, now operate it on the wavelength
A thought of way is presented by true laws of nature
Across the nation a lost of patience is cost inflation
So caught in waitin’, and contemplatin’ obligations
Read up inaugurations politrations violatin
And all the haters all up it cannot invadin’
The honest tension, two orders sacred not created
Good thought I made it!! I’m born beyond the constellations
So concetratin’, and follow man we all are awakin’
It’s automative, you gotta make it follow faith in
Come on come on!


“buckle up and get your ride on

you gotta get into it
to get intuitive

cause nothing is really coincidence …”


Enter in to the spacecraft filling up
That won’t touch back again ’til the job is done
Way outta the range of normal
So far where ya are that ya no longer see the sun
It’s a journey not of sight but sound
Ready or not your bound
To also embrace the light
And drift on
Let your soul be again reborn
For these songs buckle up it’s the ride of your life
Riffin in the octave of the
Infinite provactive
Come get within a rocketship
Dimensions of a positive
Inventions that is monstrous
I’m givin it my all
It’s just my sentiments
Took over and as I give in
To the power of just livin
In the now, I put the div-idends
I holler from the spirit
Within all of us
I’m driftin on a cloud up in
You’re meant to feel the shower
Follow in, as I devour
Y’all with synonyms and vowels
Ladies and gentlemen
It’s our time to dig within a tower
Over ignorance, the final hour’s
Here so come and crowd around
And listen up on how I’m stayin driven
By the sound I feel it liftin
Higher how my daily livin
Is the style it’s like my children
Seem scattered through the villages
And towns, and when the Gift
Is in the house
I bring the lyrics
That come down from up
Inherent to the sound
From a mysterious, profound
Very indigenous way out
Chief innervision, and
I think I’ve really truly found religion now
Enter in to the spacecraft filling up
That won’t touch back again ’til the job is done
Way outta the range of normal
So far where ya are that ya no longer see the sun
It’s a journey not of sight but sound
Ready or not your bound
To also embrace the light
And drift on
Let your soul be again reborn
For these songs buckle up

it’s the ride of your life


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4 Responses to “cultivating randomness & trusting intuition”

  1. remember the graveyard day?


    jessica nicole davis

  2. heck yes I do, that’ll be a post on here when I get to 2008 stories … still working through 2007 now



  3. Great post and an eerie photo. Found a new site -http://www.synctxt.com
    You’ll enjoy exploring this one, which combines synchronicity with technology. I’m trying it for a week to see if it works!


    Trish MacGregor

  4. A friend of mine’s recently departed father loved to talk about his “serendipitous wanderings.” He loved to go for walks and often found that aimless wandering led to great discoveries.

    It’s true… the ability to disengage from routine and maintain an openness to one’s surroundings is a great recipe for synchronistic magic.


    Michael Hughes