27 Feb 2010

wearing red

Posted by Teapots Happen

November 19, 2008

Becky and I got together in the late summer, and then spent every single night with one another for the next several weeks.

Until the night of November 18th – when Becky crashed at her apartment, instead. The next morning, we woke up apart for the first time in over three months, got dressed, and went about our mornings.

When we got together later that day, we were amused to discover that we’d each chosen the same outfit to wear – red, long-sleeve thermal tops with unbuttoned top buttons and white undershirts.

matching red shirts

(The rest of the outfits matched too, but not as perfectly.)

The coincidence was especially weird because we both almost never wear red.

We both burst out laughing; it seemed inescapable that we’d somehow been linked that morning, as we’d gotten dressed alone for the first time in months.


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7 Responses to “wearing red”

  1. Love this one! Your brains must have been synched or something.


    Trish MacGregor

  2. awwwwe!


    jessica nicole davis

  3. Strange (and touching) how these sort of things happen.


    67 Not Out (Mike Perry)

  4. Bring on a new synchro!!


    Trish MacGregor

  5. hey – your copy of synchro book went out today. Couldn’t find your regular email address, so am resorting to leaving you a message here and hope you see it!
    – Trish



  6. That reminds me of last week when I went with a group of 8 other people to Berlin. None of us knew each other that well, but every single one of us had brought red suitcases. Weird!



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