28 Nov 2011

Teapots Happen: Christmas 2011 Edition

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Two years ago, I drove to my sister’s house in Illinois to celebrate Christmas with my mom, her dog, my girlfriend, and my dog – and a whole lot of coincidences went down.

This year, I took the same roadtrip to my sister’s, but this time with Kristin (Becky and I broke up in 2010), a different (and smaller) car, and at Thanksgiving instead of Christmas. (However, we were celebrating Christmas early, so it was pretty similar.)

This trip, there were not as many coincidences, but the one I did notice was a good one, right on point for me …


Shortly before the trip, Kristin bought a new teapot for my house, which she’d found at a thrift store (in classic teapot style). It was a green shade that almost matched my kitchen’s green – we commented on how it was just a little bit off, but it fit perfectly even though it was slightly different tone from the paint.


green teapot & kitchen

my teapot & kitchen


When we walked into my sister’s house, one of the first things I’d noticed was that she had the exact same teapot, in a blue that went with her kitchen:


light blue teapot & kitchen

my sister's teapot & kitchen (hard to tell due to my crappy pic, but the walls and cabinets are all light blue)


And like my teapot, my sister’s didn’t perfectly match her kitchen color scheme – it was a slightly different tone of blue (which she pointed out to me when I said that it “matched”).


Needless to say, given the background of my original teapot synchronicity, I was delighted by the coincidence.



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2 Responses to “Teapots Happen: Christmas 2011 Edition”

  1. Nice post to start reading your blog again.

    Nice to meet you as we dined in Hell together.

    Strange that children in Hell only get orange and red crayons.


    Robert A Vollrath

  2. Returning to your blog while staying at a place with a similar stove and a blue teapot.


    tictoc clocks everywhere