13 Jul 2009

glass insulators

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June 25, 2007

It was Monday morning and I was at work, my mind wandering back to the weekend’s fun times.


inside the brewery ruins


Remembering that we’d scavenged some greenish glass electrical insulators from some brewery ruins, I did a little Googling to see if I could find out more about what the insulators I’d found were.

I quickly discovered that there’s a whole hobby devoted to he collection of glass insulators. Since Jeremy and Mandy had grabbed a couple of the brewery insulators too, I emailed them a few URLs:

Sent: Monday, June 25, 2007 9:35 AM

Subject: RE: green insulators




Then I left my office and went out to my car, to get the brewery insulators I’d found (now that I knew more about how they’re classified, I wanted to see what color they were, what markings, etc).


glass insulators (not my pic, just examples)

glass insulators (not my pic, just examples)

When I got back to my computer, I found an instant message waiting from my friend Emilie – who had no idea that I’d brought insulators home.

While I’d been out at my car getting my insulators, she had typed me a tale of synchronicity she’d experienced that weekend … about glass insulators! (She had not been with us at the brewery and had no idea we’d gotten some.)

Here is our chat exchange:

[09:42] Emilie:

oh yeah hey i did one a them damn teapot things u did

i was at the flea market, and i love old glass, like bottles, i love colored glass, and etched, i just like glass damnit.

i have a few a them colored glass things that go on the old telephone poles

and i used the last one i got from Osceola as a flower pot, but i wanted one for my water dragon

so i was on a mission at the flea market

and the last table i finally found one

a light blue one, and i was disappointed cuz it was small, and i wanted a big one, but at this point i wasn’t picky, so i bought it for a buck 50

[09:46] Me:

oh, fucking weird

[09:46] Emilie:

then yesterday i went down my crawl space (mines upstairs)

so i went all the way down there cuz i saw a box with treasures in tit

[09:46] Me:

hell yes you did a teapot thing, it’s still happening now

I am forwarding you an email I sent maybe 3 minutes ago

[09:47] Emilie:

so i got out my box, but something else pulled my hand into the other box the treasures were in, and i felt it!

my clear glass thing like that!

same size

same insignia

now they both sit in the lizard tank!

[09:48] Me:

in that brewery, we found some old greenish glass insulators.

I’ve never collected them before but I thought they’d make a nice keepsake. so we took em, Mandy and I got 4 between us

a few minutes ago

I started thinking about em

looked up some stuff online

sent some links to mandy and junkyard about em

then I went out to my car to look at em quick to see what style they were

when I came back, you had typed a whole bunch about glass insulators

[09:50] Emilie:

uh huh, weird, thats what theyre called huh?

i just did that on saturday

[09:50] Me:

on Sunday, I went glass insulator happy

[09:51] Emilie:

and sunday i found my older one, exactly the same, i havent seen it for years …



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4 Responses to “glass insulators”

  1. random insulator note: in the “Horseshoe Crabs & Lamp” post, there is a large old glass insulator shown on top of the lamp, which Emilie and I recovered from an abandoned ore dock on Lake Superior in the fall of 2007. (pic)



  2. cool. I have some of those on the outside of my house and the carriage house which is now a garage.



  3. Hang on to ’em. Google the subject ‘shabby chic’ or ‘cottage style’ and you’ll find oodles of blogs with pics (of insulators) of those folks who collect them.



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