1 Oct 2009

Carlson Coincidence interlude

Posted by Teapots Happen

April 13th 2008

Oops, almost forgot to mention this one – primarily notable due to the related surname coincidences that surrounded it:

I went down to Redwing with Jessi, Emilie & her daughter, Mel & her son. We all had a great day climbing around on the bluff; collecting cool crystalline rocks, getting into holes, climbing trees, and enjoying the beautiful day.




We were at the back of the bluff, exploring an old lime kiln’s ruins, when it occurred to me that I’d spent a whole day “in the Flow,” following randomness and intuition, appreciating the Now – and I’d yet to experience a single coincidence

I was kind of surprised and a little disappointed by this.

Of course, then I looked upward (thinking to look at the sky), when I noticed something above the kiln, higher up the bluff:


Nothing that interesting in itself -but coming as it did two weeks after the “Carlson synchronicity” I’d experienced when mentally scorning my friend for finding a meaningful coincidence in an occurance of her last name, I had to laugh.


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3 Responses to “Carlson Coincidence interlude”

  1. Interesting that you mentally acknowledged that you were “in the flow” all day and had not yet experienced anything–until this.



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