5 Oct 2009

Carlson – Davis Surnames Synchronicity II

Posted by Teapots Happen

April 28th 2008

Note – you should read this post first, and maybe this one too.

This morning:

I went out to brunch with my Dad and his lady.

On the way back to my house, he suggested we turn off of Lake Street and “just take Hennepin all the way down” as a shortcut. So I turned – both of us forgetting that Hennepin dead-ends, quite literally, at the Lakewood Cemetery before 38th.

So we wound up having to turn at the cemetery gates, prompting a discussion of the impressive size, history, and quality of the graveyard.


A couple hours later:

My friend Jessi, my dog Cleo, and I joined Emilie in her quest to break in her new car and kill a couple of hours pleasantly.

On our random ramble around the cities, with no guidance from me, we wound up at the same intersection facing the cemetery I’d been at earlier – but this time we kept going straight, to go for a cruise through the sprawling necropolis.

I didn’t make anything of the coincidence, but it did get me thinking about the subject – how paying attention to even meaningless, mere coincidences and responding with with a smile, a laugh, even gratitude, seems to encourage more of the same, somehow …

Breaking into my synchronicity-musing, Em pointed out a connection from last week – when I’d been the one driving us around on a random roadtrip (with her, Workman & Ron), and I’d unexpectedly taken us far from home, to the boonies way down outside of Hastings – bringing us down the same obscure dead end dirt road that Emilie had found on her lunch break earlier that very day.

She’d told me about it that afternoon via IM while we were both at work – but only what she’d found there, not where it was.

Two open-ended random roadtrips, two dead ends seemingly plucked from the mind of the other.


Just as that conversation came to an end, Emilie pointed out her window – “look, there you are!”

It was a large “Carlson” tombstone, facing the intersection of graveyard roads. There was also some smaller writing that we couldn’t read in time as it went past – so Jessi and I convinced Em to reverse so we could read it.

Obviously, I am well aware that ‘Carlson’ is a common surname here, and – previous Carlson coincidences notwithstanding, I didn’t think of it as any kind of “synchronicity” – but I still wanted to snap a pic of it, since the fine print jibed rather well with the internal monologue that had been going through my head.

While I was digging through Em’s backpack looking for her camera, I heard her laugh, and looked up to see her pointing out the window again – this time in the opposite direction, at the tombstone facing the Carlson headstone from across the intersection:

(Note: Em had also been the driver during the first Davis / Carlson synchronicity, again with me in the passenger seat, and Jessi in back.)


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4 Responses to “Carlson – Davis Surnames Synchronicity II”

  1. Glad I finished the clip; almost missed the inscriptions.



  2. wow that is pretty spectacular…i am in a bit of a hurry this morning but watched it because…. April 28 is my birthday and that seemed like a synchronicity to me…

    i don’t agree about hope being a great virtue though… maybe for me that is a dead thought….have you had any musings on that?

    loving getting these posts by the way!


    jane aka faerian

  3. hmmm, I guess I took it as ‘Hope’ not being a personal virtue of humans, but as one of the best aspects of life itself –

    (ie “a beneficial quality or power of a thing” or “a commendable quality or trait” rather than “conformity to a standard of right”)

    – and this resonated since I’d been thinking about how, no matter how irrational it seems, having a positive attitude about reality seems to bring about good things … and how synchronicity seemed to be nudging me from my cynical pessimism/nihilism and toward some kind of spiritual, hopeful attitude.

    But … I didn’t really think too deeply about it, then or since, and I can’t find anything meaningful to me in the second clause (Everlasting life by Faith) – so probably the mention of/focus on that inscription is just a diversion from the surname synchronicity.


    teapots happen

  4. jsut thought you’d like to see this article about hope which i thought was pretty thought provoking… and redolent with the eternity of life too



    jane aka faerian