31 Dec 2009

Do the (Downward Facing) Dog

Posted by Teapots Happen

File under “Cute” …

Two days ago I was drafted to help my girlfriend move a huge van full of her stuff into her new apartment. Looking forward to the strain on my back, I decided that I’d try stretching out beforehand with some simple yoga I’d learned – so for the first time, I got down on my living room floor and did a few alternations of the ‘cat’ and ‘cow’ poses.

Becky suggested that I end with the ‘cobra’ and then the ‘downward dog‘ positions. As I came out of the cobra and went into the ‘downward dog,’ Cleo (my Rottweiler mutt) hopped down from the couch – and went directly into the downward dog posture, right alongside me.

“It was so adorable, I almost barfed,” Becky recalls.


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One Response to “Do the (Downward Facing) Dog”

  1. ssoooOOOOooo barfin’ cute! she used to do stretches with me .. she’s so strangely human:)


    jessica nicole davis