2 Jan 2010

Cup Hooks & Milk

Posted by Teapots Happen


On the 26th, Becky asked me for a “cup hook” – I had no idea what the term meant, but once it was explained to me, I was able to dig one up for her from my workbench.

The next day, my mom stopped by – and gave me a single cup hook, saying she’d found it in her basement and thought I might find it useful. It was almost identical to the one I’d just given Becky – the same size and style, but with a different finish.

Cup hook from my mom

Very “teapot-esque” – Becky already had installed her hook at her place so I can’t photograph them side by side, but it amused my that one was shiny and the other corroded …


Then today Jacque and Jake came by in the midst of preparing to cook for several of us this evening. They needed some milk for the recipe – I had some, and gave them the rest of my carton.

Just as they were leaving my mom arrived, dropping her dog off at my house while she visited a friend in the city. They crossed paths in the doorway.

“I brought you some milk for your fridge,” my mom said upon walking into the house, brandishing a new carton.


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3 Responses to “Cup Hooks & Milk”

  1. Sounds a lot like the appearance of your second teapot!

    Happy New Year!



  2. Funny you said that – I just logged on to mention that very thing – the first cup hook was shiny and new, the second was dull and sorta corroded – just like the teapots, indeed. I’m going to edit the post now, thanks. 🙂


    teapots happen

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