3 Jan 2010

Dessert Decision

Posted by Teapots Happen

Last night I was walking into the Wedge grocery store with my gitrlfriend Becky – we had been charged with bringing dessert to bring to a dinner at our friend Jacque’s house.

(mentioned in the “Milk” part of yesterday’s post)

We were separated somehow going into the store, and I wound up on my cellphone with Jacque. She’d called to tell us what time we should be there by – and that there would be anywhere between 6 and 12 people coming. Standing at bakery counter looking over the delicious options, I gradually realized that I didn’t want to spend the money necessary to feed up to a dozen people with individual fancy organic pastries – but then what?

Jacque suggested a box of cookies.

“No, we should bring something better than that.”

Ice cream came to mind – but no, it was frigid outside, who would want frozen dessert? Hmm … but maybe along with something hot, ice cream could hit the spot …

Then inspiration struck. “You don’t have a microwave … is your oven free? Maybe we could get a couple of apple pies and heat them way up in the oven and have them with vanilla ice cream?”

At that moment, Becky appeared around the corner with a basket of groceries – seeing its contents, I started laughing and handed her my cellphone, saying, “Here, tell Jacque what you just showed up with.”

“Umm, ok … vanilla ice cream and cobbler – will we be able to use your oven?”

Synchronicity? Low-grade “couple telepathy”? Parallel reasoning from two minds that think alike?

Whatever. It was delicious – and the coincidence just made it sweeter.


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7 Responses to “Dessert Decision”

  1. Good one, Gabe! & it all looks delicious.


    Trish MacGregor

  2. heh, that was just some pic I stole from Google Images, but it looked pretty similar. 🙂


    teapots happen

  3. […] Dessert Decision […]


    Cup Hooks & Milk « teapots happen

  4. It wasn’t only the choices of ice cream or apple pie; it was the the choices and pairing of the two along with the “hot and cold” idea that was so delicious! I think those factors add to the synchronicity.



  5. I think that telepathy with partners, or someone close, flows easier. Whatever the case, good choice for dessert!




  6. Thanks for leaving such an interesting comment on my blog. I have also added you to my blogroll.



    67 Not Out

  7. Thanks for continuing to explore this. As with most issues relating to global consciousnes, I believe that the more of us who believe / invest in certain trains of thought the more coal we are collectively shoveling into that train’s engine.

    See you in the sunset.